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You have secure access to your file inventory on PRIM's database 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Information doubles every 2.5 years. The number of pages per employee increases 10% each year

Shredding has become a necessary business service to not only comply with regulatory requirements but...

Data Protection / Recovery

VaultIn this digital world we live in, it is becoming increasingly important to keep data safe and secure. With hackers, viruses, and phishing now commonplace, you should keep your sensitive and confidential data in the right hands.

Your surveillance tapes and computer data cannot be left susceptible to the elements or out in the open. The only safe and secure business practice is to keep your vital data stored by professionals.

PRIM offers complete solutions to your data storage concerns.

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Computer Media Storage and Rotation

PRIM has the solution to your computer media storage problems: protection of vital computer media, handled with expertise in climate controlled storage vaults. With our state-of-the-art environmentally controlled storage facilities, PRIM can provide vaulting services tailored to your firm’s needs.

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Computer Media Storage Vault

PRIM can service all of your high-security and computing needs. All of our storage vaults meet or exceed industry standards.

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Rotation Services

Daily, weekly, and monthly delivery schedules match your computer media rotation requirements to keep your vital data flowing with your day-to-day operations. Unlike safety deposit boxes in banks, PRIM provides 24-hour access to your computer media, including 24-hour, 365-day emergency delivery service.

All of PRIM’s delivery vehicles are temperature controlled and are equipped with Nextel cell phones, pagers, and fire extinguishers so your inventory is always safe and secure.
All of PRIM’s specially screened and trained employees are bonded professionals and carry identification badges at all times.

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Electronic Vaulting

PRIM offers electronic vaulting services to those customers who need immediate backup capability. PRIM’s strategic alliances with network, hardware and software vendors enables PRIM to provide a turnkey solution to data management.

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