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You have secure access to your file inventory on PRIM's database 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Information doubles every 2.5 years. The number of pages per employee increases 10% each year

Shredding has become a necessary business service to not only comply with regulatory requirements but...

Document Destruction

Every document has a lifespan. Do you know how long your documents should be around? PRIM can help you when it's time for them to go. Due to many Federal and Commonwealth regulations and individual retention policies, secure document destruction is a must for any business today. It is imperative to properly dispose of your confidential and private paper records. PRIM provides complete solutions for records destruction.

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Document Shredding Services

Identity theft and information-based fraud is the fastest-growing crime in the United States. The Supreme Court has ruled that a person gives up ownership of information when it is casually discarded. PRIM offers a cost-efficient shredding service that provides secure collection and destruction of confidential business information.document shredding

Our high-level security includes lockable receptacles, secure vehicles and bonded employees. All paper, cardboard, plastic and other media are shredded separately and recycled. A certificate of destruction is then provided to the customer.

PRIM provides absolute confidentiality and security throughout the destruction cycle. Regardless of your location, volume of material, or unique handling and destruction requirements, PRIM can customize a service to meet your individual needs.

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Barcode Tracking

Barcode TrackingPRIM tracks each box of information to be shredded, using a sophisticated barcode tracking system.

A unique barcode is attached to the exterior of each box, and scanning the barcode will generate two automated printer receipts. One receipt will be left with the customer, along with the work order by PRIM. All boxes are also scanned upon their arrival at PRIM's facility.

All inventory and activity information is uploaded into PRIM’s database and can be tracked by the customer through PRIM-Online. PRIM tracks each box processed for destruction by its unique barcode and provides a Certificate of Destruction to the customer.

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Single-Record Destruction and Purges

No job is too small. PRIM offers the convenience and security of one-time destruction and purges.

If you have boxes of records that need to be shredded and destroyed, look no further than PRIM. One-time pickups can be scheduled for business or personal needs, and customer drop-off service is available.

PRIM's screened and trained professional staff is experienced in the purging of records (files, medical charts, x-rays, boxes, etc.). We exceed federal regulations and IRS standards for shredding, and our bonded employees treat your destruction needs with confidentiality and professionalism.

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