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You have secure access to your file inventory on PRIM's database 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Information doubles every 2.5 years. The number of pages per employee increases 10% each year

Shredding has become a necessary business service to not only comply with regulatory requirements but...

Industry Solutions

PRIM recognizes the need for industry-specific solutions. With a full line of products and services to fit your individual needs, PRIM can offer a detailed plan on how your business can achieve efficient and cost-effective records management.

We specialize in serving a number of different industries and fields, including:
- Federal Institutions
- Health Care entities (hospitals, doctor’s offices, HMOs, or other healthcare providers)
- Accounting
- Banking / Finance
- Education
- Government
- Insurance
- Legal & Judicial
- Manufacturing
- Pharmaceutical
- Professional Business
- Real Estate
- Retail
- Social Services
- Technology
- Wholesale