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You have secure access to your file inventory on PRIM's database 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Information doubles every 2.5 years. The number of pages per employee increases 10% each year

Shredding has become a necessary business service to not only comply with regulatory requirements but...

Records Management

PRIM meets your document management needs with a variety of solutions. Your confidential documents and records need to be kept safe and secure, and handled by trained professionals.

Every business generates documents. Documents accumulate and are eventually stored for safekeeping, but are they really safe and secure in that back closet? Are they protected down in that leaky basement? With PRIM, your records are 100% safe and secure.

Our clean, safe warehouses are the perfect place for your documents. You can't afford to take chances with your records, so trust PRIM.

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Document Preservation

PRIM provides the highest level of document storage and document preservation needed by our clients.

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Document Preservation Technologies

PRIM’s climate controlled storage areas are equipped with Temperature/Humidity Control Systems (THCS) that maintain the environment to industry standards. These areas can also be equipped with either a sprinkler system or a comprehensive smoke detection system. All fire protection systems are monitored 24 hours, every day, by a third party security provider.PRIM can ensure that your records and documents are treated with the utmost care and safety. With state-of-the-art methods, we can preserve documents needed for future generations.


- Safe and secure document preservation
- Temperate and humidity controlled
- De-acidification extends the life of books and archives

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Document Scanning

Scan files and individual documents and have them delivered in minutes with our document scanning service. For large volumes of files, archiving with High-Speed Digital Imaging gives you instant access online or on CD.

Have your documents delivered in minutes!

Your documents are digitally scanned and rapidly transmitted, making it easy to meet your needs. The accessibility and control is in your hands, ensuring accurate and complete service.

Process your orders on-line with TOTAL RECALL™

Users can access inventory in Total Recall over the Internet with any standard Web Browser. You can place orders for pick-up or delivery, track the status of orders, run queries and print reports. You can even view your digitally-imaged documents online.

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Document Imaging

PRIM provides solutions capturing images of business documents at an exceptional level of quality. Document imaging brings paper and electronics together, and lets customers improve the quality and efficiency of their business.

From Paper to Electronic

Document imaging refers to the capture, storage, retrieval and manipulation of electronic images of documents. While the concept is similar to microfilm technology, electronic document imaging offers capabilities that far surpass film-based techniques. PRIM can scan paper documents and convert them to digital images that can be saved as .tiff, .jpg, .pdf or other file formats, and store them on a hard drive, CD, DVD or other external device. Documents can be scanned for immediate use or for your archives, allowing you to recycle the paper copies. The resulting scanned document can be viewed quickly and easily on your computer screen.

Fast Retrieval

Typical office workers in Puerto Rico spend 40% of their time looking for information. People spend 150 hours each year looking for incorrectly filed documents. Once an electronic database has been established, documents can be associated with each other. A search in a database reveals all documents related to a specified project. Upon retrieval, a document can be emailed anywhere in a matter of minutes. Efficiency in the retrieval of documents can affect an entire company.

Electronic Security

The average document is copied nine times. On average, 8% of documents are lost, and another 15% are misplaced. Once documents are in electronic form, they can be easily backed up. Electronic documents can be stored on a hard drive, copied to a tape or even networked throughout a company. One CD can store hundreds of documents. Thousands of documents can fit on ten CDs, and can be stored in a fireproof safe or an offsite vault.

Modular Software Suite

PRIM's optional document management and workflow software is capable of capturing, storing and displaying dozens of different file formats. Physical documents are scanned using any of a wide range of industry-standard scanners. Indexing methods include manual, barcode, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) and database import routines from other systems. Combinations of methods can also provide maximum flexibility and efficiency with any type of document.


- Fast document retrieval
- Millions of documents can be stored per cubic foot
- Low operations and labor costs
- Data stays protected
- Comply with industry guidelines and legislation

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Document Storage

Information doubles every 2.5 years. The number of pages per employee increases 10% each year. While paper storage requires vast amounts of floor space, electronic documents can be stored on a desktop computer. Additional costs are incurred with the purchase of files and file cabinets. If a business uses 1000 square feet of storage space at $25 per square foot, the cost is $25,000 per year. By waiting three years to scan paper documents, the cost is $75,000. Meanwhile, the original documents continue to deteriorate.

Document Storage Facilities

PRIM’s off-site storage facilities are custom-designed for state-of-the-art records storage and management. All of our buildings have:

• Fire-resistant construction
• Monitored security systems with controlled access
• Video surveillance
• Fire protection systems
• Location outside of all areas designated as flood plains.

File Management

PRIM is the only company in Puerto Rico that offers true file-level tracking. We individually barcode and index each file, keeping a complete inventory history on each file. The same barcode is used during the entire life of the file. This file tracking service makes management of your inventory simple and cost-efficient.

Internet Access with Total Recall™

You have secure access to your file inventory on PRIM's database 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to search, post, perform data entry, track files, print activity and perform other management tasks. PRIM uses Total Recall TM Records Management Software recognized worldwide as the “most complete, easy to use solution in the RIM industry”. PRM personnel are ready to train our clients in the use of Total Recall and in case of any support we will be available immediately by phone.

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Barcode Tracking

All items incoming or outgoing are barcoded. During every pickup and delivery, PRIM’s driver scans the barcode of each item at the client location and provides an automated printer receipt listing all items scanned.


Our reporting services enable you to quantify the activity history of your files, identify records that are eligible for disposal and allocate your records storage and records management costs. This is done by location, requester, department, cost center, or a customized field.


- File-level Indexing
- Safe and secure records storage
- Extensive barcode system

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File Room Management

Our professional staff is trained to complete any special project for your document management needs, such as file room moves, redesigns, installations, and purges. PRIM can help you design a new file room, organize an existing room, re-index files, purge medical records, or any other project to make your records filing and tracking systems more efficient. Throughout relocation or construction, PRIM can store and manage records at our warehouse to maintain a smooth transition and uninterrupted access to your information.

File Room Moves and Records Purges

PRIM's specifically screened and trained professionals are experienced in the relocation and purging of various types of records.Our staff will track the location of all items during the transition, enabling you to access your information at all times. PRIM has custom designed carts built specifically for the transport of loose files, medical charts, x-rays and all sizes of boxes.

File Room Design and Installation

PRIM's experienced staff will meet with your file room personnel and architects to meet your needs and your budget. Once a design is selected, we can procure the shelving and install the shelving system. PRIM can also store documents, files, medical charts, x-rays, boxes, etc. at our location during construction to maintain a smooth transition and uninterrupted access to your information.

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Records Management Consulting

PRIM's highly trained and experienced staff can assist you in various records management tasks, using procedures and forms that we develop and customize to suit your needs. PRIM can evaluate client goals, workflow, policies and systems, and develop a cost-effective records management system tailored to fit your company.

Our staff will meet with your personnel to determine your current records retention program and assess your needs. We will prepare a retention schedule that specifies destruction dates, customized to your organization.

The program will consist of recommending and implementing a file tracking software system, creating or redesigning a records database, developing records management procedures and forms, and training your employees on the new systems.


- We work with your personal and business needs
- Customized retention schedules
- Monthly, quarterly and/or annual reports
- Information accessed only by authorized personnel

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Records Retention Consulting

From the moment a record is created, it is important to determine how long it needs to be kept. PRIM can evaluate your current records retention program and assess your needs. We then prepare a record retention schedule specifying destruction dates that will be customized to your organization.

The storage of unneeded records can be costly if items are not discarded when they are no longer needed. Starting a records retention policy can help minimize off-site storage costs. Monthly, quarterly and annual reports are available for a retention database to list items eligible for destruction. This information is also available through PRIM-Online. Records will not be destroyed without prior written authorization by your company.


- We work with your personal and business needs
- Customized retention schedules
- Monthly, quarterly and/or annual reports
- Information accessed only by authorized personnel

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Transportation & Handling

PRIM understands your transportation concerns. Your information must be secure in transit, handled properly, and arrive safely at its intended destination. For security, our wholly-owned fleet of signature trucks and courier vans can't be beat.

PRIM transportation trucksOur couriers offer professional, prompt service throughout Puerto Rico. All of our procedures are performed by experienced and professional employees who are bonded, drug tested, and have undergone thorough background checks. In addition, all PRIM employees sign non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements.

PRIM also provides an emergency delivery service that operates 24/7/365, including weekends and holidays, so that whenever disaster strikes, we're ready to assist you.

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